FAC Deck Utility


The attached spreadsheet is a utility to flipping the 109 cards that are part of the Statis-Pro Football game. This utility does not generate random number for the Run# or Pass#. It shuffles the 109 card deck and allow you to 'draw' them one at a time. When the deck is empty, it will tell you to shuffle. When it is finished shuffling, it will draw the 'top' card and let you know the deck has been shuffled. Z cards will display on the right side and the card on the left will appear blank.

How it works is that it generates a list of numbers from 1 to 109 in random order. The code used for this doesn't allow a number to be repeated. The card flipper then works down the list retrieving a card based on the next value in the list. For example, the first three values on the list could be 68,28,70. The first card to be played will be Card#68 from the card database. When I press the Flip Card button, Card#28 from the database will be retrieved and displayed. Pressing Flip Card again will retrieve card#70 from the database. After fetching the 109th card, hitting Flip Card again will cause the card to show "Shuffle Deck" message.

Column K, the shuffle column, and be unhidden by changing the font color to anything other than white. This will tell when which cards will be picked in order.

Columns L through Y contains the 109 cards. These are created from the standard 109 card deck from version 5 or 6 of the Statis-Pro-Football rules. It also includes Solitaire rules.

Cell A1 tells you how many cards you have 'drawn' from the deck. Cell B1 shows you which card from the card database is being displayed.

I did my best to create it in openOffice first, but I understand VBA so much better. I hope to port it over soon. I didn't protect the code, so let me know if you can port it. Thanks to the folks at OzGrid for helping me generate the list of values from 1 to 109 non-repeating.

It is as close as I know how to make it like actually flipping cards.