Wherein I start working on 5E and end up modding Statis-Pro Football.

Spending the day at home while my wonderful spouse is in class. While my son is working on Math and the inner working of Tidal Power plants, I think about working on the 5e game in May.

Instead, I find myself calculating the Standard Deviation of several American Football running backs' rushing attempts. I have play by play stats from 2002 to 2017 (including Superbowl LII). I typed in the fateful words: Min, Max, Mean, Median, STDEV and start calculating.

I have long loved Statis-Pro Football because every player has a stat card. The rules for making cards are easily available. There are two leagues, that I know of, that still play fantasy football using Statis-Pro and homebrew rules for Salary Caps.

I wanted to find a way to remove the guesswork from some of the cardmaking and yet again, have come up empty. Oh well.

I guess my son and I were both doing math today. 🙂