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Conversion to 5e

Big news: the cousins (my nephews) got 5e and they invited me to run a game in Minnesota the next time my family visits. My kids now want to play 5e. (They've played a bit of Dungeon World and The Black Hack).

So, the family agreed that I need to get the group back together or form a new group to run a 5e game. The goal is April/May. (Work stuff and other factors prevent anything sooner.)

My kids want to play all kinds of homebrew races/classes, so work begins. I posted in a local group about a game and there was interest in something that is not Adventure League or a published setting.

Time to go through the notebooks and convert a bunch of stuff. Time to make unique dragons instead of the chromatic/metallic/gemstone paradigm. Work begins on converting my toolkits to 5e. Bwa ha ha ha.

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  1. Kyrinn S. Eis

    Cool. 🙂

  2. K Yani

    Glad to hear this.

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