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More Red Concordant

    More Red Concordant

In generating spells for The Red Concordant, I defined a set of criteria for a category of spells and then looked at SRD spells for inspiration. Each category is assigned a color for reasons I'll detail in a bit. After creating, re-purposing, modifying a list spells, I change the color name to something more evocative.

For example, the spells posted yesterday were labeled Black

The criteria were:
*Divine spells that are not healing.
*Arcane or Divine spells that deal with the undead.
*Arcane spells that a Necromancer might use if he/she was Neutral in alignment.

After going through some SRD spells, I started modifying the descriptions to fit The Black Hack style and mechanics. Some of the results were really inspiring.

For example, Ray of Enfeeblement ends up quite differently. Instead of providing Advantage for character rolls, the Monster Rating (monster HD in the original Black Hack.) is lowered. This seemed easier for me to deal with as a DM, but it also made it different than the Protection from Evil spell.

When the rating goes down by one, the monster has a harder time damaging you, resisting attacks, and the damage goes down.

For the other spells, the above process got me in the right frame of mind to think of spell effects in term of TBH.

Skeletal Shield was one of my favorites. It essentially grants the one time use of the Shield Bash ability that Warriors have. (It also sounds cool.)

After generating 21 spells, I looked at the whole set of spells and called in Shadow.

Currently, I am working on Blue spells. I wonder where this will lead. 🙂

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  1. K Yani

    Mental/artifice? Just a guess.

  2. John Payne

    K Yani we’ll see how the spells turn out.

  3. Kevin Chenevert

    John Payne did you ever make any of this public? Got my son playing TBH and I am looking for a good source/reference for spells to use.

  4. John Payne

    Kevin Chenevert I will. Remind me tomorrow and I’ll put up the rough draft. I made it through three colors so far.

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