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Closer to my roots in D&D in regards to 2e is all the settings. I loved Dark Sun and Spelljammer particularly. Beyond these two there were many more available to suit just about any taste.

At the time I got Spelljammer, I didn't use proficiencies at all. I didn't have the 2e PHB at the time, so aside from THAC0, if I didn't understand it or couldn't create a rules-hack for it, it was tossed.

Yet in honor of the setting I loved so much, no 2e clone would be without rules for outer space adventure.

This title is a placeholder for any post about fantasy adventures in space. Tiezerakan will not be a clone of Spelljammer. The setting and physics will be quite different. For example, anyone can pilot a ship, not just Wizards, Priests or psionicists. For another, there will be no race of beings that exist only as merchants of technology. For the love of all things holy, there will be no giant space hamsters, despite my love for tinker gnomes.

Unlike a lot of my settings, it will be grim n' gritty. You may even characterize it as soulless. It's more than just a lack of effective priests, it's an ennui from seasoned spacefarers that have seen too many things that defy explanation. It's an acceptance of magic arms dealers, xenomages on an eternal quest for more alien DNA to build living constructs, snake oil salesman taking advantage of backwater planets and the trade companies that determine the fate of galaxies on a daily basis.

Next step: either Psionicists Kits, Wizard Kits III or a vignette about Tiezerakan.

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  1. Sean Holland

    Sounds interesting, look forward to seeing more.

    But, no giant space hamsters? How sad.

  2. sycarion

    I love me some gonzo, but I just couldn’t do it.

    Mind you, the Miniaturized Giant Space Hamsters could be useful…

    Hopefully, I can get something done soon.

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