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Update on the April/May Campaign:

Two quick notes on the April/May campaign:

I have a neutral humanoid race that develops crude firearms: a pistol equivalent and a musket equivalent. They are not magical and they are not necessarily high quality, either. Use of them marks a character as Chaotic in alignment.

Making a class for a type of gunslinger (haven't decided if it's NPC only), I looked at the PFSRD for ideas. I like the idea of grit and I can nerf/alter some of the Deeds that spending grit allows.

I decided to try setting up my gunslinger class like the Unearthed Arcana Mystic class. Grit points are used to use a list of Deeds. Spending more grit points on some deeds up the effect.

The other note is that I'm going to provide the option of Usage Dice for arrows, bolts, stones, and all other forms of ammunition. A player can choose one or the other. They can only switch between sessions.

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  1. Audrey Winter

    Sounds like a good setup. I will note that, at least in my opinion, NPC-only classes are kind of insulting to the players, unless they’re objectively worse than PC classes in every way.

  2. John Payne

    Audrey Winter It’s a bad habit I have. I have an NPC class for everything. If it feels like it isn’t overpowered, I want to make it a PC class.

    Since I will already have a Mystic class anyway, this shouldn’t be too different.

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