I am working on lots of things, it's just that nothing is in a state to post.

I started working on the B/X or ACKS psion and got the powers, levels and all that figured out. Then it occurred to be that there needed to be a quasi-setting around them to add interesting proficiencies.

That led to re-opening the Shayakand and Tanah-Con-Rahn files. Opening my own old stuff leads to only one thing:


Two of the needed revisions pertain to what to call things. The ad-hoc languages I was using weren't consistent and made little sense. So, more conlanging. The language of magic is still something that sounds Latin-ish. The language of everyday folks, however, isn't sounding like anything familiar, but is looking like German (or Malay Indonesian).

Working on languages goes back to one of the central ideas of Tanah-Con-Rahn:

The language of magic is known, however, knowing the words won't let you cast spells. Either you can cast spells or not - it's inborn and not taught.

If you want to learn magic and you are not one of the lucky few, you can go the religious route (become a Cleric) or the mystery route (become a psion).

There's more, but I am trying to put it into a coherent format. Hopefully, more soon.